Sunday, April 12, 2009

Showers and more Showers!

This is my favorite picture of all my bridesmaids...they all look naked!

I love delicate tea cups. I picked a antique tea cup at a local antique shop in Mustang, Oklahoma (where I'm from) for each of my bridesmaid. I wanted them to have something unique and special.

The Bridal Brunch of my dreams! As soon as I find the rest of the pictures I will post more! It was so beautiful!

My best friend and Sister-N-Law did such a wonderful job. Notice the pink of my favs.

Inside these colorful packages are Oreo Balls...MMM...also known as black balls. What? They are!

Everyone who knows me knows I have a little "cowgirl" in me.

I love the 80's! Isn't this picture hysterical! It looks like an actual photo from 1980! It was such a fun shower!

The Breakfast Club: The New Class

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