Saturday, April 18, 2009

My New Niece

I would like everyone to meet Anya Kate Hathaway. Kate was named after me. I was so honored. This is my favorite picture of her. She looks like a little butter ball. There's the tuckered out Dad. It's weird that my twin is a Dad.
Here is Anya's beautiful mom! This is the quilt that I sewed for Anya. This one has buttons AND Pinwheels. I'm getting gutsier!

The biggest diaper cake you have ever seen! Leave it up to my twin brother to make a diaper cake with close to 1,000 diapers! 937 to be exact!

I loved the paper lanterns hanging from the chandelier and all the bright colors.

The center pieces came together so well. We got the boxes for free from a florist. You can't see it real well, but in the middle of the box is a black pregnant wire form body with a bright pink ribbon around it's belly.

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