Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Every year we have a Halloween party called "Trunktacular" with our church. The theme was
"famous children's movies" and our community group was assigned Peter Pan. We were having a hard time getting a man to dress up as the main character. None of the men jumped at the chance of wearing tights I guess? Go figure? I really wanted to be Tinkerbell! I mean, what girl wants to dress up as a pirate or a lost boy? I'm ALL girl and all about the glitter! So my wonderful husband said he would be Peter Pan for me! As I was researching Tinkerbell costumes I came to the conclusion that I was going to have to make my own because of money AND the inappropriateness of the adult costumes. I forgot that when adults dress up for Halloween they 'slut' everything up. Ha! No offense to anyone, it's just not kid friendly! I stayed up until 1:00 A.M sewing our costumes the night before! Quite a late night for someone who is used to going to bed around 9:00 P.M. It was a blast and totally worth it! We were a hit AND won 1st place! Very exciting!

Posing for our 1st place winning!
Match made in fairytale!
The finished product! I simply took a piece of glittery green fabric and wrapped it around my torso. My neighbor pinned it down the side to fit and I just sewed a line to follow. I cut the bottom to look jagged, added tights, wings, and straps. For the shoes I took left over fabric and hot glued it around some flat slippers I already owned. Next, I added the white pom poms on the top...just like Tinker Bell!

The picture I used for inspiration!

Woo Woo! What is it about a man holding a sword! To sew Ryan's outfit I took a t-shirt of his and placed it on the fabric for a pattern. I have no idea how to read a sewing pattern and I've never sewn any clothes before. I cut out 2 matching shirts and sewed them together. Next, I cut the sleeves and the bottom of his shirt while he was wearing it to make sure it looked right. I also sewed his hat. I cut out a square, folded it corner to corner in the shape of a triangle. I then sewed it down one side and turned it inside out! Lastly I just folded the bottom of the hat upward about half an inch...and wala! Peter's hat! For his shoes (can't see them to well in this picture) we cut out giant leafs from the green fabric and hot glued them to an old pair of house shoes. We couldn't find green tights so we used brown ones.
The picture I used for Peter Pan's inspiration.

Who would Tinkerbell be without her magic Pixy Dust? Here I am sprinkling glitter on the little girls that stop by to get candy. This is also a good shot of my hair. I googled how to fix your hair like tinkerbell and got this awesome style from a blog!

One of my favorite parts about my costume was the three tiny bells I sewed on the back of my wings. This helped me actually sound like Tinkerbell as I walked. This was my husband's idea!

Peter Pan fighting the evil Captain Hook! He's winning I might add. :)

Here's our Community Group "Peter Pan and all his friends"!


  1. kat that's so awesome! you are going to have to give me ideas in the future for piper's costumes!! i'm so impressed at your skill and thought process b/c i wouldn't have thought of all that!!!!

  2. Well, don't be too impressed! It was just sewing straight lines! Ha! But thank you for the compliments!

  3. That's so awesome I am very impressed! Way to go, Kat! haha I said the same thing Shelly said and I didn't eve read it before I wrote it! I love it.

  4. Your costumes turned out great! You did such a good job. Love all of the little creative ideas to recreate the characters of Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. Kudos to Ryan for being man enough to wear the tights. :) Are you guys going to wear your costumes to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters?

  5. so super cute! will you make my kids' costumes next year? they had to wear pajamas this year :( aren't I an awful mom!