Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My latest quilt!

I got the opportunity to host a baby shower for one of my dearest friends Catie. This young woman has touched my heart in so many ways. Her little boy Jack is due at the end of August. Here is the quilt I got to make for baby Jack! I LOVED the prints. It was the first "boy" blanket I got to make. I was excited to do that for her.

I love the details. I saw this in a book. It looks a lot easier than it really is. I needed to take a shower after carving out the watermelon. I was drenched in melon juice!

Here I am getting ready to make the first incision.


  1. I love the quilt! And the watermelon basket is awesome! You're quite the little crafty queen!!!!

  2. The quilt is beautiful. Your so talented. You'll have to post your curtains when you get finished. I also wanted to officially say your name is added to my blog! As you have noticed I haven't updated in awhile, so sorry it took so long. Love ya!