Sunday, July 12, 2009

Definitely NOT Sleepless in Tennessee

Anyone who knows me knows that I love bedding. I am always looking at the different styles, colors, matching pillows..etc. Not only do I love bedding but I love sleeping in the bedding. Ha! The picture to the right is the beautiful duvet cover that is on my bed as we speak. It took me 8 months to pick out. That's right 8 months. So I think that gives me good reason to enjoy it. During this particular summer I am getting an average of 10-11 hours of sleep a night! I like to call this a hidden talent. At first, I was asking myself, "What is wrong with me"? Am I sick? Am I depressed? Then I ran across the verse where God talks about blessing us with rest. And I said to myself, "Kat, maybe you are tired from working 2 jobs, going to grad school, cooking, cleaning, etc." And I'm learning in my Esther bible study by Beth Moore (it's awesome by the way if you are looking for a study) that Satan loves to steal our joy away. Well NO more Satan. If I sleep 11 hours, than I sleep 11 hours! And I'm going to enjoy it while I can. Only 3 more weeks until I go back to work. I cannot believe how fast summer is going. This has been the quickest by far. Only 3 more weeks until I can sleep 11 hours a day! And let me tell you...I am having some CRAZY dreams. In fact, I will leave you with one of my latest ones. I was riding my bike in the snow, on my way to Krogers to meet my old dance team for dinner. They were not there so I went in the back looking for them and ran into my sorority sisters who were having a party. During all of this I was talking to my good friend Lindsey who was saying, "Kat, I promise you, this guy claims he is making more money selling concert tickets for Paul McCartney. Unfortunately he can only work 20 concerts because he rotates among his family".
Need I say more...P.S. Shout out to Pottery Barn for their pic!